Indicators, culture and performance improvement – what really changes EHS outcomes?

ERM is proud to sponsor the 2022 EHS Congress in Berlin – we hope you’ll join us for coffee!

Meet the ERM Team at booth #4. Our Safety and Digital experts will be on hand to share what we’re hearing in the market – we hope you’ll come say hi and do the same.

Our Consulting Director, Philippa Knapp will speak on September 13th at 13:10 pm. Join us for her talk titled, ‘Indicators, culture and performance improvement – what really changes EHS outcomes?’.

She’ll challenge you to think through whether:

  • Your indicators reflect the different cultures and risk profiles across your organization?​​
  • You capture the richness of human performance data, to learn from it and improve? ​​
  • Your leaders challenge the green indicators? How do they make informed decisions and engage the workforce​?​

As the world’s largest sustainability consultancy, ERM helps clients to build safety programs that are easy to embrace, replicate, and sustain.  With 40 years’ experience, our safety specialists help our clients move beyond traditional compliance and corrective programs – to safeguard lives, protect assets and strengthen their reputation – so they can maximize the return on their safety investments.

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