Watch Online – Virtual Ticket (2 days)


From the very first session in the morning, through the coffee breaks and lunch, all the way till the closing remarks – the virtual ticket gives you access to the presentations in real-time, with the presentation being shown separately (!).

This split-screen method allows you to sit back and enjoy the presentation while seeing the speaker and the ppt at the same time, from the comfort of your home or office.

Enjoy great value by hearing the follow-up questions to each presentation as well as the extensive panel debates that often vets controversial opinions against one another, all chaired by the energetic Professor Dr. Andrew Sharman.

The virtual ticket is a unique URL only accessible by one computer at a time, where the viewer can join in and step out at any given time, the event will stream on LIVE throughout the 2 days.

What’s more, now you can share the link internally, so multiple colleagues can hop into any session or enjoy the playback, accessible straight after the event!

All virtual ticket holders will receive the presentations post-event as well as the final agenda to track the progress of the 2 day event.