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It is important to note that it is not mandatory/necessary to create an account when checking out using the PayPal framework.

PayPal should offer all users the ‘Optional Account Creation’ tab at the bottom of their checkout page:

By clicking on the ‘No, thanks‘ option PayPal charges the credit card without further account creation procedure.

However, there are a few ways when this option is not shown to users.

After selecting the ‘Checkout Credit Card/PayPal’ option and being redirected to PayPal, you will need to click on the bottom grey button titled ‘Pay with Debit or Credit Card‘ or alternatively ‘Check out as Guest‘. Different users will receive different buttons:

  1. In some instances, when a user has already completed 5 purchases using PayPal framework and as guest, PayPal will aim to create an account by hiding the ‘Optional Account Creation’ tab and instead show the fields to be completed for PayPal account:
    • if this happens, try clearing your browser cookie and history data, or try a different browser. When reset it should offer the option again.
  2. When a user has a cookie of PayPal account already in the browser, PayPal will opt the user to log in instead of checking out as guest. In this instance as well, the optional tab won’t be shown. By clearing the browser cookies and history data this can be solved as well, or equally by using a different browser not containing PayPal log-in information.
  3. In some rare instances based on country PayPal may not have the option to check out as guest, unfortunately no solution exists for this other than wait for the development on PayPal side to finish adding your country.

In conclusion, by deleting browser cookies and history data, the ‘Optional’ check out as guest tab will be shown and you may finish the process without creating a PayPal account.

Any questions please use the contact form and we’ll gladly assist.

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