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[heading title=”TESTIMONIALS” subtitle=”/ from 2017 EHS Congress delegates ” fontclass=” fa-comments-o” delay=”300″ icon_style=”wohex”]
[imevent_testimonial2 timeout=”6000″][imevent_item_testimonial2 desc=”Thanks for very interesting and good conference days. Very well organised by your team and for me most of the topics very actual. For me it was one of the most relevant and best conferences in the EHS area I have participated.” thumbnail=”2576″ author=”Liane Haeffler” author_job=”Global EHS System Manager; Regional EHS Manager EMEA at Mölnlycke Health Care”][imevent_item_testimonial2 desc=”Thank You for a very good congress, with a lot of good speeches, networking, a good planning and locations.” thumbnail=”2574″ author=”Jenny Franzen” author_job=”HSE Manager at NKT HV Cables”][imevent_item_testimonial2 desc=”The congress was most enlightening and thought provoking. ” author=”Torsten Hälbich” author_job=”SHE Manager at Mondi “][imevent_item_testimonial2 desc=”thank you very much for all presentations, it will be usefull. I’m very satisfied with the congress, the organization of the event was perfect! ” thumbnail=”2578″ author=”Magdalena Poroszewska” author_job=”Country Safety Coordinator at Bunge”][imevent_item_testimonial2 desc=”Many thanks for indeed amazing organization of the congress. Would love to go again definitely. Count me in for next year. Will try to stay in touch via LinkedIn if i may.” thumbnail=”2573″ author=”Pavel Michalek” author_job=”Regional HSEEQ Eastern Europe & OEM at Knauf Insulation”][imevent_item_testimonial2 desc=”Event organized very well (great chairman!) and many of the speakers were great. All topics were interesting… Perfect location (both hotel and country), easy and cheap for travel. Very good services at the hotel. Excellent with 30 minutes long presentations!” thumbnail=”2577″ author=”Liliana Colata” author_job=”Sustainability Manager IKEA Industry”][imevent_item_testimonial2 desc=”Inspiring, dynamic, energizing! Certainly the dose of passion and content will keep me moving forward!” thumbnail=”2575″ author=”Joanna Pierzchala” author_job=”International Health, Safety, Environment Manager at Twinings”][/imevent_testimonial2]
[heading title=”ABOUT” subtitle=”/ The 2018 EHS International Congress” fontclass=”fa-group” delay=”300″ icon_style=”wohex”]

The 2018 EHS International Congress is the brand new platform to network with your peers, meet the movers and shakers of the industry and achieve success in your initiatives. By attending the EHS Congress, you’ll discover easy networking opportunities, gain a wealth of knowledge and solve challenges through best practice sharing.

The EHS experts from the world’s largest companies will attend the event to find new partners and to discuss current projects through which they can improve their decision making and leverage the new processes for successful initiatives. Come along to the can’t miss EHS event of 2018.

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For more agenda items please download the official conference program.

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[heading title=”2017 Expected participating companies” subtitle=”/ meet and greet” fontclass=”fa-building-o” delay=”300″ icon_style=”wohex”]
health and safety companies attending

and many more…

“Saying accidents are caused by human error is as useful as attributing falls from scaffolds to the force of gravity. Both statements are true but neither assists us in preventing accidents.”

Trevor Kletz

[heading title=”Participating Formats” subtitle=”/ different experiences” fontclass=”fa-ticket” delay=”300″ icon_style=”wohex”]

Exhibition Stand

Our focused exhibition area has a limited number of (7) exhibition stands; as a result each segment of service/software providers will be represented by only a handful of booths. This helps each exhibitor to communicate more clearly their unique selling points as well as to stand out among the others and establish new connection in the industry. The exhibition stands by default come with power outlet, high-speed Wi-Fi connection, bottled water and of course table covered with cloth with the two chairs behind.

Delegate packages

The 2017 EHS International Congress is an invitation only closed-door environment event with a limited number of seats in cabaret style. The delegate registration packs provide each registrant with the opportunity to listen to the crème de la crème of Europe’s EHS leaders’ presentation, receive the presentation files after the event, network with the movers and shakers of the industry and by establishing the right connection advance projects and achieve successes. By taking part in these discussions you gain knowledge and best practice cases that otherwise would be unobtainable outside the event grounds.

Sponsorship Opportunities

To get the absolute maximum from the Congress, a select few companies have the opportunity to join as official partners of the event. The organizing team creates the most beneficial atmosphere for negotiations with potential clients, handle pre- and post-marketing activities, allocate speaking sessions according to sponsors’ need and lots more. The companies not only invest in the status of partnering with the EHS Congress, they also collaborate in future projects and activities that help them secure even more leads or strengthen relationship with those acquired at the event.

Gala Dinner

On the first day at night, all attendees are cordially invited to a Gala dinner hosted by the organizers. Here, companies can talk to potential clients on one hand, while delegates on the other hand can further follow up conversations with their fellow attendees in an informal atmosphere with house wines and delicious courses. During the evening participants usually gets new contacts for long-term collaboration.

hours of networking
countries represented
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Please fill in the registration form at the end of the agenda by clicking the ‘Download Agenda’ button and following the necessary instructions, as soon as we receive the signed form we will secure your seat(s).
Alternatively, you may proceed to the Registrations page by clicking the button to the right and continue online.

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IFS Group is a team of conference organizers with combined years of experience of over 50+ years and strong experience in the organization of B2B events in the health and safety arena. The number of companies supporting IFS Group grows year by year, with well over 20 countries participating at our events annually.



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